What Is A Double Double In Basketball? [Updated Guide]

You might have heard an announcer remark about a player getting a double-double toward the end of a basketball game. Basketball players set various goals for themselves when they get onto the court.

The double-double is one of the goals that everyone has in mind, even if each player sets their own goals for each game. So are you curious about what is a double double in basketball and how a player gets a double-double during a game? For more information, continue reading.

What Is A Double Double In NBA 2k23?

A double-double in an NBA game shows that you significantly aided your team during the contest. Some athletes almost promise a double-double at least once a night. So is it different from the college style? Let’s see what is a double double in college basketball. It’s the same as NBA basketball.

If you get double figure in two from the following: points, rebounds, assists, blocks or steals in the same match. Then you get double double.

What Is A Triple Double Double In Basketball?

A player achieves a triple-double when their double-digit totals are in three different statistical categories. The easiest stat to achieve points, although many players are excellent rebounders who achieve a double-double with points and rebounds or excellent passers who reach double-digit points and assists.

Combining all three is a remarkable accomplishment that is uncommon. Some athletes even push incredibly to their limit by racking up a triple-double in blocks or steals, two or more difficult stats to attain.

What Is Considered A Double Double In Basketball?

Basketball players that are only one-dimensional won’t succeed in the present-day game. The significance of having several dimensions grows your game as your opponents become more skilled.

If you can shoot well, start honing your dribbling and passing skills. If you’re good at rebounding, start honing your scoring skills. If you’re a good ball blocker, start honing your ball-stripping techniques.

What Is Considered A Double Double In Basketball?

Ultimately, your ability in one area might get you some playing time, but your diversity will keep you off the bench. Coaches want players that can contribute in various ways on the floor. Basketball coaches prefer athletes who accept adaptability and can do everything.

A double-double is a fantastic way to demonstrate to your coach that you are capable in several areas and dependable to them and your teammates. A double-double earns when a player registers double digits in two statistical categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks during a game.

Let’s examine these categories in more detail:

1) Points

Reaching double digits in points during a game is perhaps the player’s easiest accomplishment and is frequently the first category they complete. If you shoot three-pointers, you might need fewer baskets, just five, to win the game. Players routinely score ten points in the first half or even the first quarter.

2) Rebounds

The big players on the court will typically be positioned under the basket, making grabbing 10 rebounds in a single game simpler. Depending on their playing style, centers are more likely than power forwards to earn opportunities to rebound.

3) Assists

The point guard and small forward, typically the ball handlers on the floor, have an easier time racking up 10 assists in a single game. The top players will succeed even if it will be challenging for most players to score many points while passing the ball so frequently.

4) Steals

In today’s game, getting 10 steals is challenging. Not a single team averaged more than 10 steals per game throughout the entire NBA season.

5) Blocks

Completing 10 blocks in a single game will be equally challenging as completing 10 steals. The Warriors only averaged 6.2 blocks per game during the NBA’s season, which was the team, not the player, that averaged the most blocks per game.

How To Get A Double Double In Basketball?

A basketball player records a double-double when they get double figures in two categories: 10+( points, rebounds, assists, blocks, or steals) in the same game. A double-double requires much more than passing, rebounding, scoring, stealing, or blocking the ball.

The minimum number of points, rebounds, assists, steals, or blocks required for a double-double is 10, but there is no upper limit. One of the traditional indicators of an effective game is a double-double.

Is A Double Double In Basketball Good?

A double-double in the NBA is still a significant achievement, although not as exceptional or stunning as a triple-double. Back then, the league’s top big men took great pride in consistently surpassing the 10 points and 10 rebounds. Double-double is the initial stage of getting a triple-double.

No matter how brilliant a player you are, I wouldn’t anticipate anyone to record a double-double unless they also possessed the following three qualities:

1)Playing Time

Double-doubles are difficult to get and require much playing time. Even if possible, it will be challenging to post a double-double while sitting on the bench.

 2)Work Ethic

Without putting forth much effort, no player will ever record a double-double. To achieve a double-double, you must commit and maintain that attitude for the entire four-quarter season.

3) Basketball IQ

You’ll put yourself in a far better position to score a double-double when you play wisely and make the appropriate choices on the court. Things will go your way if you play to your strengths and those of your teammates.

Having those three items will make getting a double-double much more feasible. The other two things will eventually offer you your chance, even if you don’t receive the playing time immediately.

How Common Is A Double Double In Basketball?

The stat line double-double is very popular. Throughout the 2022–23 season, 262 players had at least one double-double for the NBA, with 2,162 double-doubles overall.

Only a few players can average a double-double during an NBA season. 12 out of the 15 players that averaged a double-double last season were centers. The other three, who received assists, were Tyrese Haliburton, Trae Young, and James Harden.

Assists and points are the second-most popular. The percentage of double-doubles that are these will be substantially lower because they are typically only given to guards. Double-doubles are typical in general. Every NBA game will surely have at least one, but there’s a high chance you’ll see more.

How Important Is Triple Double In NBA?

The triple-double is the greatest thing in basketball. It will be more highly regarded than the double double. But a double-double is a prerequisite for a triple-double to be attainable.

What Does An NBA Double-Double Look Like?

A player might end a game with 21 points and 12 rebounds, regarded as the most typical double-double combination, followed by points and assists. Both tasks are challenging to complete in one go, even more so when done repeatedly.

Has Anyone Ever Scored But Got A Double-Double?

For the record, a player had only had a double-double with rebounds and assists when they did not also score any points. In 1971, while playing for Cincinnati, Norm Van Lier achieved it by having a game with 11 rebounds, 13 assists, and 0 points.

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