10 Reasons Why Basketball is Better than Football? (American)

There are excellent reasons why is basketball better than football, so it’s not just a matter of personal preference. Football isn’t as varied or gender-neutral as basketball, so many people believe basketball is a superior sport. In addition, basketball’s rules are straightforward; unlike football, the game can be played inside and outside.

Difference Between Football vs Basketball:

Basketball and football are two separate sports that differ significantly in several ways. The main distinctions between basketball and football are listed below:

Difference Between Football vs Basketball


Football is played on a sizable, rectangular field with measurements between 64 and 75 meters wide and 100 to 110 meters long. Basketball is played on a more compact, rectangular court with standard measurements of about 28 meters long by 15 meters wide.

Team Size:

Basketball teams have five players on the court, compared to the 11 players on the pitch for football teams.


Football players wear specialized cleats and safety equipment like shin guards. A ball is the main piece of equipment. Basketball players usually dress in jerseys and shorts and wear basketball shoes.


In football, scoring goals is accomplished by putting the ball in the opposition’s goal. One point is awarded for each goal. Shooting the ball is how points are scored in basketball into the opponent’s hoop; the placement of the shot determines how many points are given (two points for a regular field goal, three points for shots made beyond the three-point line).

Use of Hands:

Goalkeepers are the exception because they can use their hands inside the penalty area in football, but most players handle and pass the ball using their feet. Basketball players use their hands to dribble, pass, and shoot the ball.

Continuous Play vs Stoppages:

Football is noted for its nonstop action, with the clock never stopping barring fouls, injuries, or other unforeseen pauses. Contrarily, basketball has many play-stopping events, including fouls, timeouts, the clock stopping after every basket, and other game-related events.

Physical Contact:

Football players must engage in tackling, shoulder-to-shoulder contact, and competition for the ball, among other physical obstacles. Basketball involves some physical contact but is far more controlled and strictly enforced, with fouls assessed for improper contact.

Playing Time:

A football game has two 45-minute halves, making for a 90-minute playing duration overall. The basketball game lasts 48 minutes, split into four quarters of 12 minutes each.

Football vs Basketball

10 Reasons Why Football is Better than Basketball:

It’s essential to remember that everyone has a different opinion about which sport is better, whether basketball or football. Here are ten reasons that some can use to support their claim that football is better than basketball:

Global popularity:

Football has the most extensive fan base of any sport in the world, and there are professional leagues in almost every nation. Since it is so widely known, more people can compete and be exposed internationally.

Rich history and tradition:

Football has a long and illustrious past, filled with memorable events, renowned players, and great rivalries that have helped to define the sport’s identity. Football lovers find it captivating due to its rich heritage and historical relevance.

Emotional intensity:

Intense emotions are frequently present during football games, both on and off the field. The vibrant stadium atmosphere, the high stakes of games, and the devoted fan base produce a unique sense of excitement and drama.

Strategic depth:

Football employs sophisticated strategic techniques, such as formations, positional play, and set pieces. The coach’s and teams’ thorough planning and strategy adjusting throughout games give the sport additional intellectual depth.

Unity and national pride:

Football is remarkably good at bringing people together from different backgrounds and cultures. International contests like the FIFA World Cup demonstrate the ability of sports to unite nations by inspiring national pride and a sense of community among followers.

Physicality and athleticism:

Football requires strength, speed, agility, endurance, and athleticism. Aerial duels, tackling, dribbling, and other physical challenges between players can be exhilarating.

Skillful artistry:

Football displays moments of incredible talent and imagination, such as when players dribble past opponents, make accurate passes, and score stunning goals.

Variety of playing styles:

Football may be played in various ways, from possession-based, tiki-taka passing to counterattacking tactics. The range of playing styles among teams and nations gives the sport more excitement and variety.

International tournaments:

Football offers illustrious regional and international competitions, including the Copa America and UEFA European Championship.

Community and fan culture:

Football has a thriving and intense fan base, with fans developing strong bonds with their favorite teams. Fans foster a unique feeling of community and shared experiences through their sense of kinship and belonging.

Basketball vs Football Popularity:

Both basketball and football have sizable fan bases worldwide, but the extent of their popularity varies from location to location. Overall, football is more well-liked around the world than other sports because of its historical importance, broad involvement, and massive fan base it has built up over many years. Although it is popular in certain areas, such as North America, basketball is not as popular worldwide as football despite its rising international following.

Basketball vs Football Salary:

The incomes of individual players can vary significantly depending on aspects like skill level, market demand, performance, and sponsorships, which should be kept in mind when comparing the salaries in basketball and football.

Elite players in both sports frequently have wealthy sponsorship agreements, endorsement deals, and huge contracts. It’s crucial to remember that the data presented here is merely an overview and that individual salaries can vary significantly depending on various variables, including a player’s performance, market worth, contract talks, and sponsorships.

Basketball vs Football Viewership:

The high viewership figures for football result from its global dominance and long history. The game is played in nations and areas where basketball may not be as popular. However, basketball has a dedicated following, and its global viewership continues to increase. Viewership figures can change depending on several variables, including the game’s significance, the participation of famous players, rivalries, and world events.

Why is basketball safer than football?

The sport with the most injuries overall is basketball, although the total number of injuries varies by age group. Basketball causes the most injuries among persons aged 15 to 24, while football is the riskiest sport for kids aged 5 to 14.

Why is basketball harder than football?

Football is physically more challenging to play than basketball, but it’s not as challenging as many people make it out to be.

How is basketball better than other sports?

It still provides a beautiful workout, even though it is not well known as an aerobic sport, and it can assist you: in consuming calories Basketball can burn between 630 and 750 calories in one hour.

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