What is the Post in Basketball? | Detailed Explanation

Players or coaches frequently refer to a particular region on the court as the “post,” whether you’re playing basketball in person or watching it on television. Most fouls in a game happen here because it’s one of the most physically challenging spots. If you are curious about what is the post in basketball? Then the center and power forward spend most of their time on attack and defense in the post, commonly called the “paint” region.

It has two parts: the low post, which is close to the basket, and the high post, which is close to the free-throw line. Players on the offensive side “post up” when they need the ball. Read the whole article if you have more queries regarding basketball’s post.

What do you know about the Post in Basketball?

In basketball, the term “post” designates a particular section of the floor close to the basket and a certain playing style used by players who are extremely skilled at scoring and defending. It’s a crucial game aspect that balances physical ability, talent, and strategic positioning.

Why is it called the Post in Basketball?

A “post” in basketball refers to a certain spot on the floor called “the post position” or just “the post.” Normally, this region can be found on either side of the key or paint, close to the low block. The offensive player who sets up shop in this region, frequently with their back to the basket, is also called a “post.” This term is used for the following reasons:

Physical Position:

In most cases, the post position is closer to the hoop and closer to the basket. A player is in the post when they are near the “post” of the basketball hoop or the backboard’s support framework.

Scoring and Play Style:

Post players are frequently positioned to receive passes and make shots close to the basket. That is a high-scoring area because players can use their bodies to block defenders and make scoring chances simpler.

Historical Origins:

The physical posts or pillars that supported the backboards in the earliest versions of basketball are probably where the word “post” started. These posts marked the area where players would position themselves to score and were placed close to the basket.

Positional Terminology:

Different player roles and court locations are described in basketball using a variety of position-specific terminologies. Coaches, players, and spectators can better understand the exact location of the court being discussed and the kind of play that frequently occurs there by using the term “post.”

What is considered the Post in Basketball?

In basketball, “the post” indicates a certain court region close to the basket, specifically the low block. The low block is the rectangular portion of the court next to the baseline and just outside the free-throw lane. The region surrounding the low blocks on either side of the key, up to a distance of a few feet, is typically called the post area.

The player who occupies this space is also called a “post.” A “post player” is often a player who can defend the post well, and both the offensive and defensive ends of the court make plays close to the basket. Given that these positions typically operate in or close to the post region, this player might be a power forward or a center.

Low Post Basketball & High Post Basketball

Low Post Basketball & High Post Basketball:

The post consists of two sections. There is a low post at the bottom of the key, and the area over the free-throw line is a high post. But, depending on the position, post players play differently.

In basketball, a style of play known as “low post basketball” focuses on offensive and defensive activities around the area of the basket, especially the low post region. The court area, known as the low post, is close to the baseline and includes the area just a few feet from the basket. Since power forwards and centers are generally bigger players with the physicality and skills necessary to succeed in the post-area, they are frequently linked to this style of play.

A basketball play style known as “high post basketball” is centered on offensive and defensive activities at the free-throw line, also called the high post. Players with flexibility who can shoot, pass, and make good selections from this area are frequently linked to this style of play. A strategic area on the court is the high post, which is close to the top of the key.

What is Post Scoring in Basketball?

The offensive talents and strategies used by players positioned in or close to the low post section of the court are known as “post scoring” in basketball. Post-scoring incorporates a range of actions and methods to give the player close to the basket high-percentage scoring possibilities. Because of their size, strength, and positioning near the basket, power forwards and centers are frequently thought of while discussing this style of play.

Basketball’s post-scoring is a core concept that includes close-range scoring methods and approaches. Basketball players skilled at scoring in the post add significant points to their team’s attack by taking advantage of their size, abilities, and location close to the basket.

Top 3 Famous Basketball Post Players:

Basketball has a rich history of well-known post-players who had a significant impact. Here I can tell you about the top 3 famous post players in basketball:

Nikola Jokic:

Serbian professional basketball player Nikola Joki, also known as “The Joker,” plays for the Denver Nuggets in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Due to his excellent passing, versatility, and basketball IQ, he is regarded as one of the most talented and distinctive big men in NBA history. Joki is renowned for his ability to play in the post and his playmaking abilities, often found in guards and forwards.

Joel Embiid:

A professional basketball player from Cameroon named Joel Embiid plays for the Philadelphia 76ers in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He is regarded as one of the best centers in the league and is renowned for his catastrophic post-game, strong defensive play, and all-around skill set.

Jayson Tatum:

American basketball player Jayson Tatum plays in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for the Boston Celtics. One of the league’s up-and-coming stars, he is renowned for his scoring ability, adaptability, and quick skill development.

Is the center and post the same?

No, the center and the post are not similar because a player is known as a “center” who frequently plays in the “post” region.

What is mid-post?

On the floor, the mid-post position allows players to receive the ball, face the basket, and have choices to score, pass the ball, or make plays.

What are post-moves?

Post moves are any plays or moves that can be made inside or near the post. A post player performs a post move after receiving the ball to put up a basket.

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