How Many Stanley Cups Did Wayne Gretzky Win?

One of the greatest players in NHL history is Wayne Gretzky. Fans called him The Great One. Wayne Gretzky also won ten Art Ross awards, five Lady Being trophies, two Conn Smythe trophies, and nine Hart Memorial awards.

Numerous famous hockey players have entered the arena and established themselves over the years. Few new players want to know Who exactly this enigmatic hockey player is And how many Stanley Cups did Wayne Gretzky win.

Wayne Gretzky: Who Is He?

For those who may not be very familiar with hockey or simply unaware of his background, Wayne Gretzky was born in 1961 in Brantford, Ontario. When his father constructed an ice rink in the family home’s backyard, he learned to skate at a young age. He also started to learn the useful abilities of shooting and stick handling.

At age six, Gretzky had already started participating in a youth hockey league alongside boys almost twice his age. It resulted in a standout junior hockey career, culminating in him being the youngest player and top scorer in the Junior World Cup Competition in 1977.

After eventually joining the NHL, Gretzky enjoyed a remarkable ice hockey career before calling it quits after the 1998–1999 campaign. Wayne Gretzky works as a TV analyst and loves spending time with his family.

How Much Stanley Cups Did Wayne Gretzky Win (Quick Answer)

How many times did Gretzky win the Stanley Cup? Wayne Gretzky won 4 Stanley Cups throughout his career. He won each Stanley Cup in 1983–84, 1984–85, 1986–87, and 1987–88 while playing with the Edmonton Oilers.

Additionally, he took home the Conn Smythe trophy twice—once in 1987 and once in 1988. Wayne Gretzky also won additional awards, such as the 1989 Hart Trophy, which he won nine times between 1980 and 1989. He also took home the Art Ross trophy ten times.

After knowing how many Stanley Cups did Gretzky win. Below are the other records he has:

Wayne Gretzky Records

He has the most unbreakable records throughout his career. Here is the list:

  • The most Hart Awards in a career are (9)
  • Most awards in an Art Ross career (10)
  • 50 Goals in 39 games
  • Game Point Streak in 51 Games
  • A season’s most goals (92)
  • Most Assists in a Season(163)
  • 3 Seasons in a Row with 200 Points
  • Most Professional Goals (1,072)
  • Most Assists in a Career(1963)
  • With the most career points (2,857)

What Is Wayne Gretzky Net Worth (Updated 2023)

Wayne Gretzky’s great career saw him accumulate numerous records and accomplishments, increasing his wealth to $250 million. Wayne Gretzky made $46 million in NHL salaries during his NHL career.

During his playing career, he earned $50 million from endorsements. After adjusting the inflation on his account, his total earnings came to about $150 million. He made wise financial decisions with his money, creating an empire that now includes real estate projects, a vineyard, ownership of sports teams, and more.

How Many Stanley Cups Did Gretzky Lose?

Throughout his career, The Great One, commonly known as Wayne Gretzky, earned four Stanley Cup titles but also suffered a fair share of playoff defeats. Gretzky participated in 18 Stanley Cups, making it to the Cup Finals five times and ultimately taking home four titles.

Gretzky led the Edmonton Oilers to victory over the New York Islanders in 1984 for his first Stanley Cup title. In 1985, 1987, and 1988, the Oilers would again win the Cup, with Gretzky playing a significant part in each championship run.

But Gretzky also experienced some discouraging postseason defeats, particularly later in his career. He made history in 1993 by taking the Los Angeles Kings to their first Cup Finals, but the Montreal Canadiens defeated them. Gretzky led the league in playoff scoring the following year; the Kings would also fall in the Cup Finals.

In total, Gretzky lost two Stanley Cup Final games and was repeatedly bounced from the playoffs early on. Nevertheless, his four championship triumphs, countless individual honors, and records solidified his place among the best NHL players ever.

What Are The Wayne Gretzky Records Compared To Other Players?

Gretzky earned his first 1,000 points in 424 games, the fastest in NHL history, and his second 1,000 in 433 games, the fastest among all players. Including the regular season and the playoffs, Gretzky has a staggering 3,239 points (1,016 goals, 2,223 assists).

Does The Wayne Gretzky Trophy Exist?

The Ontario Hockey League’s Western Conference playoffs winner gives the Wayne Gretzky Trophy yearly. 1999 was the first time it gave to the champion. In the OHL championship game, the victorious team faces the recipient of the Bobby Orr Trophy for the J. Ross Robertson Cup.

Do You Still Think Wayne Gretzky Has The Most Goals?

The all-time highest goal scorer in the NHL is now Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals, who is catching up to Wayne Gretzky. Gretzky competed from 1979 to 1999 and holds the record with 894 NHL regular-season goals.

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