5 Best Polish Soccer Players

Since its debut game in 1921, Poland’s men’s national football team has represented Poland in international football tournaments. The Polish Football Association oversees Polish football and is responsible for the squad.

Poland’s highest finish was a bronze medal, which it earned in 1974 and 1982. The prime years of Polish international football were at this time. It is because they have the greatest male players of all time. This article will show you the 5 best Polish soccer players of all time.

Best Polish Soccer Players 2023

Here you can get the list and the achievements of the best Polish soccer players of all time:

1) Zbigniew Boniek

Who is the best Poland soccer player? Zbigniew Boniek established a strong reputation for himself in the football world. His name must always include on any list of the greatest Polish footballers ever.

In the 1980s, Boniek was among the top players. He was renowned for his superb dribbling, technique, and lightning-quick quickness. The skilled forward’s darting dashes from midfield would make defending a misery.

He was also adaptable because he could play as a second striker, offensive midfielder, or winger in various attacking positions. While also receiving high acclaim from everyone for his work ethic and football knowledge.

In 2004, Pele named Boniek one of the top 100 active football players. He played in 80 matches for Poland’s national team and scored 24 goals. The dynamic player participated in three straight World Cups for his nation. He played a significant role in helping Poland finish third in the 1982 World Cup.

Boniek also represented some of the top European teams. Between 1982 and 1985, he played 81 league games and scored 14 goals while a member of Juventus. In contrast, he scored 17 goals in 76 league games at Roma.

2) Lewandowski, Robert

Who is the star of the Polish soccer team? It’s difficult to contest that Robert Lewandowski is among the best attackers of the contemporary period. No matter if it was in the Bundesliga or for Poland, the Pole has been a lethal competitor who has decimated the world’s top teams.

His speed, finishing skill, and level of composure throughout the last third are unmatched. He has scored an astounding 270 goals in 350 Bundesliga games and ranks among the top scorers in the Champions League thanks to the combination of these strengths.

His best form has been with Bayern Munich, where he has played in 47 games and scored 40+ goals in five of his six seasons, including a career-high 55 in the 2019–20 campaign.

He currently holds the caps and goal records with 66 goals in 116 appearances and has completely rewritten the national team’s record books. Lewandowski is undoubtedly one of the best Polish players of all time. He won the FIFA Best Men’s Player title in 2020 and the Polish Footballer of the Year award nine times.

3) Grzegorz Lato

One of the best Polish football players of all time is Grzegorz Lato. He was a winger who excelled at playing with pace, awareness, and flexibility.

The remarkable footballer scored an unbelievable 45 goals in 100 games for Poland’s national team. Because of his comb-over hairdo, which was reminiscent of Bobby Charlton’s, he was easily recognized. Lato did a fantastic job on the right wing. His amazing quickness and direct style of play made him a treat to watch.  

The gifted winger competed at the 1974 World Cup as a member of the national team’s first golden generation of footballers. At the time, Lato scored seven goals to lead Poland, which placed third in the famous competition.

However, he could not demonstrate his talent to international clubs because Poland had made it illegal for its players to leave the country before they turned 30. Lato spent his whole career at Stal Mielec and briefly played for Lokeren and Atlante.

4) Kazimierz Deyna

One of the most well-known and famous Polish soccer players in history is Kazimierz Deyna. Due to his exceptional vision, he was one of the most skilled players of his generation when he played as an offensive midfielder in the playmaker position.

Due to his successes and skills, he won numerous votes from Polish fans for Football Player of the Year. Deyna, who played 97 games for Poland and scored 41 goals, regularly served as the best Polish soccer team’s captain.

He led Poland to the second round of the 1978 FIFA World Cup in Argentina while serving as its captain. A missed penalty against Argentina hampered his outstanding performance in that competition.

5) Matty Cash

Matthew Stuart Cash is a right-back for the Premier League team Aston Villa and is a professional football player of Polish and English descent. He represented the Poland national team and was born in England. You can say he is the best young Polish soccer players.

Cash began his professional career at Wycombe Wanderers before moving on to the FAB Academy and eventually signing his first professional deal. Despite being English-born, Cash’s mother is Polish. He was granted a Polish passport in October 2021, making him eligible to represent Poland internationally. After that, he made his debut.

Is Poland A Member Of FIFA 23?

In FIFA 23, the National Football Team of Poland is a playable International Team. Robert Lewandowski leads the team in overall scoring, followed by Wojciech Szczesny and Piotr Zielinski.

In FIFA, How Strong Is Poland?

As of May 2022, the team had 1530.62 points, placing it 28th overall in FIFA rankings. They are 16 in Europe. While their lowest-ever ranking was 78, with 473 points in November 2013. Their highest-ever position was 5, with 1319 points in August 2017.

Has Poland Ever Won In Soccer?

Both the gold and silver medals were won at the Games of the Olympics in Montreal( 1976) and Munich in 1972, respectively. And the 1992 Barcelona Olympics represented Poland’s best-ever performance at an international football competition.

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