Wrigley Field Bag Policy – Easy Explanation

The Chicago Cubs’ Wrigley Field has a bag ban to protect its visitors’ safety and security. Making every visitor’s experience as pleasurable and hassle-free as feasible is important.

These regulations seek to expedite the admittance process while simultaneously ensuring the security of the spectators. In addition to baseball games, the stadium has also hosted football, soccer, and hockey matches.

Understanding the Wrigley Field bag policy for the 2023 season is essential if you’re thinking about paying a visit.

Why Wrigley Field Is The Best?

Wrigley Field stands out from other stadiums due to its more than 100-year history, appealing exterior, and engaging patrons. It has a vast history and has been around for a long time.

It looks stunning with the ancient scoreboard and ivy on the walls. Most seats provide an excellent field of view for the game. These are essential in creating the finest stadium for Cubs supporters.

What Is The Wrigley Field Bag Policy 2023

The Wrigley Field bag policy prohibits visitors from bringing bags bigger than 16 inches by 8 inches by 16 inches. One more thing to remember: you also prohibit bringing dark colors.

Abiding by the regulations outlined in the stadium’s bag policy is essential. It guarantees the security and comfort of all fans attending games and events at Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs.

If you do this, you will help ensure that everyone has a safe and pleasurable time. Here is a detailed view of policies:

Prohibited Bags

What is the bag policy at Wrigley Dead and Co? Wrigley Field informs visitors that you can’t bring some bags to the venue. Particularly forbidden bags include:

Backpacks: Despite their apparent transparency, backpacks are no longer allowed inside the arena.

Hard-sided coolers: Hard-sided coolers of any size are prohibited.

Large bags: Anything larger than a 16x16x8-inch bag is not allowed.

Please be aware that these security measures aim to guarantee everyone’s safety and speed up the admittance procedures.

Approved Bag Types

Fans can carry many other options to Wrigley Field even though some bags are forbidden. So, what kind of purse can you bring into Wrigley Field? You can bring any purse/ bag as long as they fit within the size requirements. The following bags are acceptable according to Wrigley Field rules:

  • Bag with drawstrings
  • Belt bags
  • Purses
  • Diaper Bags

You can transport your necessities with these types of authorized bags while still entering the stadium without difficulty and in compliance with Wrigley Field’s safety regulations.

What Is Wrigley Field Bag Policy For Concerts?

Concerts have fewer crowds than baseball games, but safety measures are necessary. You can consider both events together at Wrigley Field. The bag restrictions for normal matches and concerts didn’t differ much.

The same 16 x 16 x 8 inches regulations and no backpacks or hard-sided coolers apply to you. Be polite to every crew member.

Do you want to know what you can bring except bags inside Wrigley Field? You can allow visitors to bring things like baseball gloves, portable radios, and umbrellas. A limited quantity of personal food in disposable bags and one factory-sealed water bottle are also permitted. But you can’t bring Alcohol, thermoses, glass bottles, cans, and hard-sided coolers.

What Is The  Process Of Bag Inspection?

The security and safety of visitors are of the utmost priority at Wrigley Field. All baggage brought into the stadium is subject to check to ensure a pleasant and secure experience for everyone. Visitors with luggage should proceed to the proper bag check lines at each entry gate as soon as they arrive at Wrigley Field.

You need to check only individuals carrying baggage who should use these lines. It is important to remember that bags, purses, and containers shouldn’t be larger than 16 x 16 x 8 inches.

Even though it may seem tough, this rule is in place to ensure everyone’s safety and speed up the admittance procedure. Therefore, planning and thinking about leaving superfluous goods at home or in your car is beneficial.

Wallets, purses, drawstring bags, fanny packs, lunch bags, briefcases, and soft-sided coolers are a few of the bag kinds permitted inside the stadium. To summarize the inspection procedure, keep in mind the following:

  • At each entry gate, look for the designated luggage check lines.
  • Ensure your bag doesn’t exceed the permitted dimensions (16 x 16 x 8 inches).
  • Be ready for security personnel to check your stuff.
  • Consider bringing as little goods as possible to Wrigley.
  • For a speedier inspection, use the field.

Visitors can have a wonderful and secure experience at Wrigley Field by following the bag inspection procedure.

What Options for Bag Storage Wrigley Field have

You might need to come up with another storage option if your bag doesn’t fit the stadium’s size restrictions. However, remember that there may be other possibilities for bag storage. At Wrigley Field proper, there are no storage or locker facilities.

Bounce Chicago provides bag storage assistance which is close to Wrigley Field. Their daily price starts at $5.90. Hotels or companies nearby might also offer bag storage. The cost might change. Please be aware that stadium staff may inspect or remove any unattended baggage.

Rules of Wrigley Field

Backpacks, including those that are transparent, spray cans, selfie sticks, alcohol carried in from outside, umbrellas, skateboards, and full-size baseball bats are prohibited at Wrigley Field.

  • Fans must act politely and respectfully and avoid using foul language or donning clothing with offensive messages or pictures.
  • Illegal drugs are not allowed inside the stadium. Neither is smoking of any type, including marijuana.
  • It is forbidden to display banners and signs that might block the view of persons standing behind you.
  • At that time, face masks were not necessary. However, Wrigley Field’s outbreak policies reflect the COVID guidelines established by the Illinois Health Authority and are therefore open to change. You risk being booted from the stadium if you violate these regulations.

Does Wrigley Field Take Cash?

Yes! Wrigley Field accepts payments only through mobile wallet apps, credit or debit cards, and reverse ATMs. They allow patrons to exchange cash for cards used inside the field.

Are Carry In Bags Free?

Other bags under 16 x 16 x 8 inches are allowed. Medical luggage and diaper bags that go with visitors who have young children will be an exception. There will be bag inspections. Because medical and diaper bags help mothers enjoy match events while caring for their children.

How Often Does Wrigley Field Examine Its Rules Regarding Transparent Bags?

After a century of use, they implement rules and laws, and people at those legacy stadiums are more accustomed to them. You don’t anticipate their reviewing the policy until a significant event occurs. Checking its website is the best way to stay current on changes.

What Is Wrigley Field Water Rules?

Visitors are permitted to bring one factory-sealed water bottle and a small quantity of their food in disposable bags to Wrigley Field. Glass bottles, cans, alcoholic beverages, thermoses, and any kind of hard-sided cooler are not allowed, according to the policy.

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