Who is the Shortest NFL Player? Top 10 Players with Heights, Ranks, & Body Stats

In professional sports, particularly in the National Football League (NFL), size is often considered a significant advantage. The average height of an NFL player hovers around 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 m). However, throughout the league’s history, numerous players have defied this norm, proving that heart, determination, and raw talent can often outweigh physical stature. This article delves deep into the shortest players in the NFL, showcasing that talent truly comes in all sizes.

Top 10 Shortest NFL Player with Height & Rank

RankPlayer NameHeightTeamPosition
1J.J. Taylor5′ 6″New England PatriotsRB
2Deonte Harty5′ 6″New Orleans SaintsWR/RS
3Jaret Patterson5′ 6″Washington CommandersRB
4Boston Scott5′ 7″Philadelphia EaglesRB
5Rondale Moore5′ 7″Arizona CardinalsWR
6Devin Singletary5′ 7″Buffalo BillsRB
7Clyde Edwards-Helaire5′ 7″Kansas City ChiefsRB
8Jakeem Grant5′ 7″Miami DolphinsWR/RS
9Tyler Snead5′ 7″Tennessee TitansWR
10Greg Dortch5′ 7″Arizona CardinalsWR
Shortest NFL Player

1. J.J. Taylor

Despite standing at 5′ 6″, Taylor has showcased immense talent. His agility and speed make him a formidable running back for the New England Patriots. Overcoming the initial scepticism due to his height, Taylor’s performance on the field speaks volumes about his capabilities.

2. Deonte Harty

Formerly known as Deonte Harris, Harty’s journey from Division II Assumption College to the NFL is inspiring. His agility and speed have made him a valuable asset for the New Orleans Saints as a wide receiver and return specialist.

3. Jaret Patterson

Another player standing at 5′ 6″, Patterson’s determination and skill have made him a standout running back for the Washington Commanders. His journey from being a 2-star recruit to an NFL player is a testament to his hard work and perseverance.

4. Boston Scott

Measuring 5′ 7″ (1.68 m), Boston Scott’s journey to the NFL was filled with challenges. Overcoming the initial setback of being cut from his middle school football team due to his height, Scott has become an integral part of the Philadelphia Eagles.

5. Rondale Moore 

At 5′ 7″ (1.7 m), Rondale Moore’s dynamic playmaking abilities have made him a key player for the Arizona Cardinals.

6. Devin Singletary

Another player at 5′ 7″ (1.7 m), Singletary’s confidence in his abilities has made him stand out for the Buffalo Bills.

7. Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Standing at 5′ 7″ (1.7 m), Edwards-Helaire’s journey from high school to the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL showcases that determination and skill can overcome physical limitations.

8. Jakeem Grant 

Measuring 5′ 7″ (1.7 m), Grant has made his mark in the NFL, especially as a return specialist, earning multiple recognitions throughout his career.

9. Tyler Snead

At 5′ 7″ (1.7 m), Snead’s journey from college to the Tennessee Titans showcases the potential of young talents in the league.

10. Greg Dortch

Standing at 5′ 7″ (1.7 m), Dortch’s position as a wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals highlights the range of heights in the NFL.

The list continues with players like Deuce Vaughn, Tarik Cohen, and many more who have showcased that height isn’t the sole determinant of success in the NFL.

Who is the Shortest NFL Player ever?

Historically, the title for the shortest NFL player ever goes to Jack Shapiro, who stood at a mere 5’1″. Playing for the Staten Island Stapletons in the 1920s, Shapiro’s participation in the league is a testament to the fact that passion for the game can overcome physical limitations.


while physical attributes like height can provide certain advantages in the NFL, skill, determination, and passion for the game genuinely define a player’s success. The players listed above, and many more throughout the league’s history, have showcased their immense talent and inspired countless individuals by breaking stereotypes and defying the odds.

Who is the shortest player in the NFL in 2023?

J.J. Taylor of the New England Patriots, standing at 5′ 6″, holds this title.

Has any player shorter than 5′ 6″ in the NFL’s history?

Yes, Jack Shapiro, who played in the 1920s, was 5’1″.

Why is height considered necessary in the NFL?

Height can provide advantages regarding reach visibility over the line of scrimmage, and it can be beneficial in certain positions like quarterback or receiver. However, as the players above prove, it’s not the sole determinant of success.

Are there other players in the NFL who are below the average height?

Absolutely! The NFL has seen numerous players below the average height who have significantly impacted their respective teams.

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